08 Homescapes Cheats to Clear your Levels

Are you looking for Homescapes Cheats to clear your difficult levels?

Well, as you all know Homescapes game is developed by “Playrix” Gaming Company, which has made Gardenscapes famous in the 3-puzzle game category.

You will play for Austin the butler, who has returned to his ancestral house to find its badly needed renovation.

To renovate all the houses and items, you need to complete the 3-puzzle game and bring stars which can be used to purchase different game items.

Now, Game has more than 300 levels, and it will start opening all the hidden rooms in the mansion.

You will need to complete all the puzzle in your own time frame and make progress in the game.

Depending on your game progress, your Homescapes room will become new and supply with new items.

Features of Homescapes Game

Homescapes game is a brilliant mix of the 3-puzzle game with house building game, where users need to complete a small puzzle and keep on renovating their houses.

Some of the features of Homescapes game are as follows

  • Mixtures of a 3-puzzle game board and house renovation
  • More than 300 levels to test your skills and patience
  • Kill your boredom by trying to clear levels of Homescapes
  • Easy to learn the game but difficult to master
  • As the game progress, you will open many hidden mansion rooms
  • There is no time limit in Homescapes , but you need to complete the level at stipulated moves
  • Get help from friends across the globe for free hearts
  • Get cute little pets as the game progress
  • Use all game items to clear levels such as
    • Boosters
    • Combos
    • Boxes
  • Homescapes game can be played by all age groups
  • One of the biggest games which have more than 100 Million verified installs from Google Play Store.
  • Unleash your inner designer and help Austin in the renovation
  • Take a screenshot of your mansion and share across Facebook


08 Homescapes Cheats, tips and tricks to clear level

What you can expect using these Homescapes Cheats

  • Homescapes game currency like
    • Free Coins
    • Free Stars
    • Free Hearts
  • Get knowledge of how Pro players use booster and combos
  • Know the thumb rule of playing 3-puzzle game
  • get unlimited Homescapes coins and stars

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Tip 1 # Know 3-puzzle thumb rule

When every you try to play any 3-puzzle game (where you need to clear cubes by matching 3-similar cube), then you need to play according to 3-puzzle thumb rule.

3-puzzle thumb rule

“Start Clearing the puzzle board from the bottom row or column.”

Whenever you will do this, you will get new rows of cubes coming from the top, which will change the whole combination and permutation.

You should implement 3-puzzle thumb rule in every game to clear it with ease.

Features of 3-puzzle game rule

  • A great rule to clear the level fast
  • You need to clear puzzle board from the bottom
  • Just mix and match cubes from the last row and see how a new bunch of cubes will come from the top
  • Use by all pro players to clear difficult levels
  • Always top priority to this method over other tips

Pro tips: this method is used by all top players of Homescapes game


Tip 2 # What is Homescapes game?

Before you start playing, you should know “what is Homescapes game.”

Well, Homescapes game is basically a 3-puzzle game which uses home renovation as a bonus to all your effort to clear any levels.

You should keep on completing the “to-do-list” to get stars in the game.

These game stars will be used to purchase or renovate different game items in Homescapes.

For completing any levels in Homescapes, you need to understand the 3-puzzle game.

You need to mix and match 03 similar cubes to get it to eliminate form puzzle board.

You can also make more than 03 similar cubes to make them combos which have more effects then basic pattern.


Tip 3 # Think like chess to clear the difficult levels

If you ever play chess, then you know that in chess, you need to ahead to win any board.

This principle applies to Homescapes game also, where you need to plan 03 moves ahead to clear any difficult levels.

Always thinks three moves ahead in Homescapes to make combos or different pattern which will eliminate the whole bunch of cubes at once.

Features of thinking 03 steps ahead

  • Plan 03 moves ahead to clear difficult levels
  • Try to make a different pattern which is called powerup or combos
  • Do not use powerup, wait to make them combos
  • Try to guess all the possible combination with every move
  • Plan and then play the game according to your moves

Pro tips: you should think like a chess player to clear difficult levels


Tip 4 # Powerup is great level clearer

Always try to make a different pattern to get powerup in the Homescapes games.

Whenever you match more than three similar cubes in Homescapes, it turns out to be special items known as a powerup.

Whenever you get any powerup in the game, it will have more elimination power than normal 3-similar cube combination.

Some of the powerup in Homescapes game are as follow

  • Rocket
  • Bomb
  • Paper Plane
  • Rainbow Ball

Features of Powerup in Homescapes game

  • Rocket: this can be made with 04 similar cubes. Rocket in Homescapes can clear rows or column.
  • Bomb: Bomb can destroy all 08-cube adjacent to it and can be made by combining 05 cubes in L shape.
  • Paper Plane: Paper plane can be made by matching 04 similar cubes in a square. This will destroy one cube in the puzzle board.
  • Rainbow ball: this is difficult to made and can destroy all similar-looking cube in the puzzle board.

Pro tips: use powerup to clear Homescapes level faster


Tip 5 # Mix and Match powerup to make combos

Make new combos to eliminate more cubes in the puzzle board by matching different powerup in Homescapes.

You should know that when powerup in Homescapes mix with another powerup it creates a more powerful effect.

Some of the mixing and matching combinations of powerup are given below

  • Rocket + Rocket
  • Rocket + bomb
  • Rocket + paper plane
  • Rocket + rainbow ball
  • bomb + rainbow ball
  • bomb + paper plane
  • paper plane + rainbow ball

Pro tips: all Pro players Uses this Homescapes Cheats to clear their level fast


Tip 6 # Know how Booster works

There are many boosters which are provided in the game to clear the game faster.

You can use these game items which are given at every level to clear it fast.

A booster can be purchased from the Homescapes store, or it will be awarded when you clear your levels.

Hammer is the booster which is provided by the game to remove one cube of your choice.

If anytime during your game, any difficult level has only one cube left and you did not find any combination to clear it, then you can use a hammer.

Hammer booster in Homescapes acts like one blow wonder, which will eliminate the cube and disappear from the game.

Always remember, you can only use hammer only one time during the game.

Pro tips: do not hesitate to use a hammer when only one cube is left in the puzzle board.


Tip 7 # Don’t find any move, then wait

Many times, it happens that you did not find any suitable moves to put into the puzzle board, then you should wait for some time.

When you stay idle in Homescapes, the game will immediately know that you are not finding any suitable move, it will suggest you some moves.

Depending on your calculation and planning, you can use those to move or try to find some better moves.

Suggestive moves of Homescapes game is very good at finding powerup or making new combos.

Pro tips: if you did not find any suitable move in Homescapes then wait and get help by suggestive moves by game.


Tip 8 # Join Facebook to get free Coins

Join the Facebook social media platform with your Homescapes account to get free coins and other benefits.

Some of the features of joining an account with Facebook is as follows

  • Get Homescapes 1000 coins
  • Add family and friends with your Homescapes account
  • Ask for free stars and game boxes from friends and family members
  • Save your progress and watch the leaderboard
  • Share your mansion picture with family and friends
  • Join a team or make your own team to get rewards

Pro tips: join Facebook to get free coins and other game goodies

Final words

So, here are the 08 Homescapes Cheats to Clear your Levels , we hope you like our pro tips to clear all levels faster.

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