How to Get Free Robux

Are you looking for methods to get free Robux without doing any human verification or online survey?

How to get free Robux:

Well, there are many legit methods by which you can earn Robux for free without spending any real money. But for all those methods, you need to invest time, and you should work daily to achieve that goal.

Roblox is a game of 3D imagination world where kids can play different games without any fear. Roblox games are safer and less blood bath then all online games.

Roblox game is made with multiple servers and thousands of games; in fact, Roblox host more thousands of games in its main platform. Anyone can make a new game and host it’s on the Roblox server free of cost.

With 178 million accounts made in Roblox game and more than 13 million active players, Roblox is the world’s most sought after game.

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How to get Robux for free

Robux is the official known currency of the Roblox game, which you can use to purchase builder hut and other game cosmetics. We are going to discuss 06 methods by which you can earn free Robux without any human verification.

1.Develop new Game

If you want to earn Robux without any survey, then you need to develop a Roblox game. Now, you can make a Roblox game with a programing language like LUA, or you can use Roblox Studio to make one.

develop new game

Lua is the official Roblox gaming language on which the whole Roblox server and other games are coded. You can learn LUA language and start building a Roblox game from scratch.

If you don’t know LUA language or don’t want to code, then you can use Roblox Studio. Roblox Studio game develops software is used for all those people who don’t know how to code but want to develop its own game.

In Roblox studio, everything is WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get); basically it is a 3D platform tool that has all function in build. users need to place only game items in the terrain, and everything will be coded for them in the background.

To start with, you can check these Roblox Studio tutorials and make a new game under one hour.

2.Join & Earn Survey Website

Join and earn free Robux from Survey websites, which works on a point system. In this platform, you need to complete daily surveys, for which you will receive points. These points when gets accumulated, can be used to redeem for free Robux cards.

Advantage of survey website are they also provide cash enumeration, which means on many survey websites, you can find real money for points.

In the survey website, you need to login daily and works for at least 02 hours daily to complete surveys and another task.

List of legit online survey website in 2019-2020 are as follows

  • Mysurveys
  • InboxDollars
  • Vindale Research
  • Opinion outpost

3.Join & Earn GPT website

Start earning by joining GPT website and get free Robux in one week. GPT (get paid to) are that website that works on points or swags; you need to complete a task for getting these points.

GPT website task is given below

  • Install a software in the PC
  • Watch video ads
  • Fill out a survey form
  • Give an opinion on products
  • Compose, read, write and send emails
  • Click on ads
  • Purchase items from these websites
  • Refer your friends and earn points

Some legit GPT websites are PointPrize, Swagbucks, FeaturePoints

4.Join & Earn GPT app

You can earn free Robux from your Smartphone by installing GPT Apps, which works on a similar principle as a GPT website. You need to complete small jobs or tasks for which points or credit will be awarded.

These credits or points can later be redeemed for free Robux.

Some of the points which can earn from these GPT mobile apps are

  • Install apps
  • Install games
  • Install antivirus app
  • Complete survey
  • Read, write an email and send
  • Watch video ads
  • Take part in events
  • Give opinion

List of legit GPT mobile APP in 2019-2020 are as follows

  • GiftPanda,
  • CashPirate
  • PanelPlace
  • App Karma

5.Sell Collective in Roblox

If you participate in buying and selling of collective or rare items in Roblox, then you can earn thousands of free Robux. All you need is to invest money in some rare or collective items in the Roblox game.

You can sell these rare or collective items after one or two years with whooping margins. These are hundreds of success stories where users have purchase collective items such as sinister horns in 600 $R and sold them for 1500 $R.

Try to participate in the events or collection of rare items; these rare items or collective items have some time period. You need to purchase them in those time periods, or they will never be sold after that period.

Choose those collective items which have are less in numbers, like only 100-piece collective items. Now, these collective items tend to get into trends next year same time, and you can sell them for double price.

6.Join Forum and Social media giveaway

Join Forum such as Reddit for free Robux code or gift cards. You can also join the Social media platform for free Robux.

You need to participate in events which give free Robux, which may involve sharing post or bio on social media platforms.

Biggest social media giveaways are always on Instagram, where influencer needs huge participation for their product or items. Join these free promotional methods and earn free Robux.

Avoid Online Roblox Robux Generator

Nowadays, a new type of Robux scam being circulated online, these are known as Robux generator no survey SCAM.

Robux Generator no survey

Avoid these types of online fake Robux generator which claims to give your free Robux by breaking into Roblox servers.

Two types of Online Fake Robux Generator are being circulated

  • Online Survey Fake Generator Scam
  • The second one tries to install a fake virus file into user system to generate Robux

Please avoid all types of Online Robux Generator which claim to provide free Robux within no time. Consider these points before you are attempting to use these fake generators.

  • No one with one website can break into Roblox server
  • It is against Roblox TOS to do such type of mischief
  • You Roblox game account can be ban if you use these type of mischief
  • Do not provide your Roblox userid and password to these fake website
  • Do not try to install any virus-infected file into your system
  • Check the free method listed in this article to get free Robux

Final words

so, now you know the answer to “How to get free Robux,” you can use this awesome 06 method and earn free Robux.

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